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In her single, “Heavy Loader” Trisha Adams reaches back to her roots of soul, blues, and acoustic country, a tune that is sure to keep you moving and on the dance floor.


This new adventurous single employs a pop groove with stacked vocal harmonies, yet still stays true to her acoustic roots in a whole new way. Available now on all streaming services.


Trisha Adams Music is currently on a writing sabbatical. Check back for tour dates soon.


Red Rocks Amphitheater (indoor theater), Loveland Fire & Ice Festival, FoCoMX Festival, The Magic Rat, The Moxi Theater, Odell Brewing Co., Vintage Market Days Festival, Avogadro's Number, Ada Opry, Scrumpy's Hard Cider, Purpose Brewing, KCP Art Bar, Intersect Brewing, The Whiskey, and more. Also heard on KRFC 88.9FM Fort Collins, CO.

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I believe in music and community. Lately I've been captivated by a line from Amos Lee in Soul Suckers - "Nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world." And while beauty may be subjective, music connects humanity, and gifted artists of all types give new language to the words we are often seeking but fail to find. And so I keep writing, for me, for you, to communicate, to connect us to one another, and to offer something beautiful and powerful and connecting in this life.

I've played music my whole life, for as long as I can remember. My parents were tour musicians and my grandparents were too. My art forms blend with the seasons of my life - some more nostalgic and in the acoustic/americana genre, and some more solidly in the funk and blues/motown category, the original language of my soul. These days I've been playing around with technology and loopers, reaching into my percussion background to add beats and textures to my guitar and vocals.

John Mayer says that songs are like time capsules, snapshots of who we were at a particular time. Songs can be popular for decades and just as meaningful as when we first wrote them - they are great reminders that there is nothing new under the sun, and we are not alone in this world.


But if you want to know more, you can follow me on social media @TrishaAdamsMusic for the latest.

Here are a few videos. The Videos page has more.

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