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If you're a new friend and know almost nothing about me, it's probably important to know that I've been on a writing sabbatical in Asia, and just came back to the States. It's been a strange year for sure. Read the next blurb to find out what I’m doing now! —>

House Concerts - Let’s Hang!

I'm currently working on setting up a series of House Concerts - where we get together, and invite all your friends to a great night of music and hanging out, your style, your way, with yours truly. So let's plan a date to hang! Interested? Send me an email!

Take me home, James

Right now most of my music is available for public consumption on major streaming sites. I’m starting to release acoustic versions of new tunes on the vlog, but the best way to support my music is to take me home with you, or to give me as a gift to your loved ones and besties. Online shop coming soon!

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about Trisha Adams MUSIC

Music can change the world. I believe that. That, and life should always be personal.
Full of love. And as much coffee as possible.

I’m a simple person. I believe in the power of beauty and relationships, and experiencing these things together. “The greatest things in life are meant to be shared.” - Krist Halthen



Road Trip SEries Part 1:

When you’re sitting in the car waiting and you brought your travel guitar…this happens! Brand new music, about a week old when this was recorded. Thanks for listening!

The latest single!

“In her single, “Heavy Loader” Trisha Adams reaches back to her roots of soul, blues, and acoustic country, a tune that is sure to keep you moving and on the dance floor.” - Spot Studios


Red Rocks Amphitheater (indoor theater), Loveland Fire & Ice Festival, FoCoMX Festival, The Magic Rat, The Moxi Theater, Odell Brewing Co., Vintage Market Days Festival, Avogadro's Number, Ada Opry, Scrumpy's Hard Cider, Purpose Brewing, KCP Art Bar, Intersect Brewing, The Whiskey, and more. Also heard on KRFC 88.9FM Fort Collins