Adventures with Venture Still

Once upon a time, in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains...

I met these guys in the summer of 2017 at an open mic at one of my favorite breweries in Fort Collins. (Rally King, for those in the area. Their blood orange IPA is to die for.) Chris Carter (lead singer and acoustic guitar) is one of the best live sound guys I've encountered, which sparked our friendship. That, and the first time I played in front of them, I made Elvin Holderfield (pianist) "feel all of the emotions" - at an open mic night, as he likes to remind me. 

As is typical in a music town, the circles we run with started to overlap. Eventually we found ourselves playing a show at Red Rocks together (see earlier post) where I primarily played percussion for them and sang BGVs, and played a solo or two.

For the record, this is my dream gig: playing great music with talented and experienced musicians, but not as the main event or center of attention, at least not for a whole show. We can share the spotlight from time to time though. Dream job: Percussionist and/or rhythm guitarist and background vocals and songwriter for... anyone who plays great music.  

Anyway the rest is history. We played The Whiskey in Old Town Fort Collins last weekend (February 10, 2018). It snowed, and the high didn't get above 11 that day. Sound check was two hours earlier than anyone told us, and they called me three days prior and I didn't know half the set list. But no matter. The music was great. These guys are awesome, talented, fun, and great at what they do. We had a blast, played originals and silly covers (Chris Carter rocked some JT and is "bringin' booty back"), and we jammed well into the morning with a steady stream of friends coming and going. With a couple of exceptions, it was an almost perfect night.

Scroll through for 10 fun photos, courtesy of the beautiful @mndrkm. 


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