Spot Studios, & How Non-Conformists Move The World

Late January brought about some studio time, which also means - new music coming out soon!

I didn't take nearly enough pictures to capture the event (scroll below to see all 5 unimpressive photos). I suppose we were working too hard and having too much fun. 


2 new songs will be coming out likely this summer, as well as 2 new videos too (another blog post on that later). The songs, as is true to my nature, sound nothing like anything I've done so far. A friend recently reminded me that my mercurial nature and lack of consistent sound is my achilles heel for consistent booking and building my career. He's not wrong - I still have yet to stay within a genre, but I think I'm getting closer. I'm mostly okay with this decision. Life is a journey, after all. 

I read once in the book "Originals: How Non-Conformists Move The World" by Adam Grant that procrastination is often a sign genius and creativity. These detours allow me time to ponder my next large project, the cello series, that I hope to tell you more about *relatively* soon, and in the meantime, you get some good side projects and new music out of the deal. 

In music news, if you're a musician and looking for a studio in the Denver area, the guys at Spot are amazing, wonderful to work with, great ears, master engineers, and a hoot and a half. And they've been very patient with my edits... of which there have been many rounds... and I'm not quite done. Sorry guys! 

Stay classy, friends!
Trisha A

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