I've Got Sunshine & iPhone Donations Accepted

The Monday Night Band is about to come out with a brand new CD! We are looking for a venue for a release party, and between now and then playing gigs at Avos, and traveling the world. 

This video was taken on my phone, clearly an older model, as this video is blurry. And it doesn't get better, FYI. But it's what we got - just like Sublime and lovin'. However, if you wanted to donate your old iPhone or smartphone of any kind to the cause, it would be much appreciated!

"I've Got Sunshine" was written on the stretch of I-25 between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs, while moving a friend from Fort Collins south. I-25 always makes me kind of sick to my stomach when it's sunny out, but luckily (or not so much) our insides were blue, as life was moving us miles and cities apart. 

It's a classic Colorado and blues ballad, the idea that we've all got to keep a little sunshine for when life gets cold and snowy, or rainy and gray. I've got sunshine to chase my blues away. 

Trisha AdamsComment