Roula - Official Video Release

"Trisha Adams brings us a tear jerking music video dedicated to the millions of Syrian refugees displaced by war in the middle east." - Stoked Ember Productions

I heard Roula's story through an organization that teaches English in hard-to-access countries. She and her sister and brother are from Syria, and were refugees in Lebanon at the time I got to hear their story. It was moving. Heartbreaking. Full of depth and sadness. One of her sisters said something so profound - "we just want to be human," she said.. To be seen as human. To be known as humans. To study as humans. To go to the market at humans. To live as humans. 

A few months after I heard their story I was asked by the Shropshire Foundation to write and contribute a song to a fundraising album. The Shropshire Foundation teaches music to refugees around the world - an incredible organization and a noble goal. 

Thus, this is the final product of a collaboration of a bunch of worlds - my secret inner writer world, my amazing Nashville musicians who put this song together in one day, my awesome backpacking guide friends who not only own a video production company but also backpacked the from Syria to Germany for a documentary movie on the refugee crisis, and allowed us to use their footage for this video, Roula and her family living out this story, and The Shropshire Foundation providing a place for it to be told. 

Thank you for listening friends. May this story compel us not to be complacent or silent, but to take action as our hearts are stirred and spurred toward one another in love. 


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