Here are some videos! And I have a vlog. You can check it out, and connect on all the Socials too. THANKS SO MUCH FOR DROPPING BY!

Brand new song…When you're sitting in the car waiting and you brought your travel guitar...

They talked me into it! Startup Story by my friends at Stoked Ember Productions

New year, new music! May this year find you something more than free.

…a tear jerking music video dedicated to the millions of Syrian refugees displaced by war in the middle east.


"Trisha Adams reaches back to her roots of soul, blues, and acoustic country, a tune that is sure to keep you moving and on the dance floor."

Brand new song “Okay” written on the writing sabbatical in Thailand! Enjoy, friends.

Brandi Calile - a beautiful inspiration to me and many for years.. Enjoy this cover, and this episode of "Weekend Brunch!"

Sean Adams joins me for this semi-impromptu episode! One of the first songs we ever sang together 7 years ago. He still makes me laugh!


Road Trippn' Part 2 - Bonus, just for you! This song is still pretty new. Super new song, still waiting on the hubs so you get this gem!

It's been a busy start to 2019 - but not too busy to play a favorite standard in a coffee shop. May your days be filled with this much love, and more.

When covering a song, always cover the songs you wish you would have written. Thank you, Drew Holcomb. Also - GO VOTE!

Live take from the ISDSI Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Joined by Brad Chamberlain and Friends on harmonica and cajon.